At near the beginnings of WWW (1991) this firms CEO Richard (Rick) Baker invented a multimedia system which allowed a computer to teach a person similar to face to face communications today with an expert, useful for many applications and the expert never has to see the person. He was issued with US Patent No 5,486,001. Then in 2006 improve upon the original system using MEM’s motion sensors and recently was issued with second patent US Patent No. 11210963.

If you are familiar with instructional video on DVD, CD or old VHS tape you will know that instructor on the medium cannot talk to you personally and show you things, like going to an expert for personalised advice today. This system fixes this problem for instructional video plus where a computer over the years has been seen as an electronic device that manipulates information, or data. It has the ability to store, retrieve, and process data, this system allows a computer to capture what a person wants to achieve for many applications and interact directly with person (HAL type artificial intelligence computer) via this system unique personalised audio-visual presentation.