Revolutionizing Computer-Human Interaction

Our CEO, Richard (Rick) Baker, pioneered a groundbreaking approach to multimedia systems in the early days of the Internet in 1991. His patented inventions have transformed how computers interact with humans, leveraging AI to enable more natural and effective “computer to human” communication. These innovations allow computers to respond to individuals as intuitively as expert human instructors do in face-to-face interactions.

Explore opportunities and the patented systems with Rick Baker’s Inventions below:

1991 US Patent No 5,486,001 – Personalized Instructional Aid

2017 US Patent No. 11210963 – Method and apparatus for providing personalised audio-visual instruction

The Breakthrough

Rick’s 1991 invention set a new standard for computer interaction by mimicking how humans naturally communicate with experts. Traditionally, an expert person provides visual demonstrations and spoken commentary to help us learn. Rick’s system allows computers and individuals to do the same, capturing what a person wishes to achieve or learn using motion tracking camera sensors. With the aid of AI neural network and software databases, the computer can then generate a personalized audio-visual presentation in real-time.

This personalized approach means that computers, humanoid robots, or online interactive services can now respond to individual needs with tailored audio-visual feedback, much like human experts do today.

Advancements in 2006

Rick’s second patent in 2017 improved upon his original invention by incorporating MEMS motion sensors. These sensors enhance the system’s ability to capture accurate movement data, allowing the computer to generate more precise visual presentations and audio instructional comments. This results in an even more effective and personalized learning experience for users.

Real-Time, Personalized Learning

Thanks to these innovations, what was once just a hardware box can now communicate with us through our most effective learning methods—audio-visual presentations—personalized to meet individual requirements. The applications for this technology are vast, potentially benefiting hundreds of fields by delivering interactive, real-time instruction via high-speed communications to any screen.


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