MYCOACHBUDDY (MCB) unique personalised video system, covered by issued patents.

Simple system explanation.  

  1. A person chooses an application and expert person or machine they would like to receive personalised audio-visual coaching from and avatar to represent their movement.
  2. Expert or objects movement are stored in a computer database along with helpful experts audio instructional comments of how to improve. Machine with the help of software can also analyse data and generate these comments automatically.
  3. Person wears or has attached to object they may control such as weights, a ring or hoop, a club, bat, gloves, bike, car etcetera wireless MEMs motion sensors, bio-mechanical sensors which can capture their movement much more accurately then via other means such as camera and on performing a movement the persons movement is automatically transmitted to computer database via fast speed telecommunications
  4. On receipt computer database the computer has been programmed to automatically analyses the persons incoming movement data against the stored experts movement or object/s movement data stored in the database and computer automatically generates a visual presentation for the person which shows their movement on a screen with experts movement or object/s movement in near-time plus when required computer can automatically generate with the visual presentation audio instructional comments along with textural information.

MYCOACHBUDDY unique patented system provides personalised audio-visual feedback similar to face to face communications with an expert today. Advances AI by allowing a machine to become much more interactive with a person on the “computer to human” side. A “HAL” type machine! The invention can be used for many 100’s of applications which would benefit from a visual display showing a users motion or object they control against a preferred motion with audio advice comments being generated as well.