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Recently issued Method and Apparatus claims covered within:US Patent No 11210963. 2028-01-22 expiration date.
A method of and apparatus for providing a personalized audio-visual instructional aid for assisting a person (11) to emulate preferred positions and/or movements in undertaking an activity by capturing position and/or movement data of the person (11) or an object associated with and controlled by the person undertaking the activity using position and/or movement sensing devices such as MEMS sensors (13) on the person (11) or object and using a computer (16) to analyze and compare the captured data with pre-stored data relating to preferred positions and/or movement in undertaking the activity and generating a visual presentation (19) based on the differences between the captured position and/or movement of the person or object and the preferred positions and/or movement and adding to the generated visual presentation, audio instructional comments relating to the differences.
Note: No 24 is a display screen. The tiny MEMs motion sensors can also be fitted within e-textile garments and associated with sporting equipment or other objects.


Additional issued patents:
UK Pat GB2458392
Canadian Pat 2700843