Personalised Video

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We learn best from audio and visual presentation.

This firms inventor Rick Baker owns patented technology which allows a computer to automatically manufacture the best interactive “personalised’ audio-visual teaching presentations using wireless MEM”s motion sensors that can be strapped on or fitted to e-textile clothing that consist of traditional fabric woven with conductive fibers as well as electronic elements.

See video below of Notch wireless MEMs sensors capturing motion and imagine being able to see your movement (any movement) alongside your selected experts movement and expert can actually talk to you as well, all in near real-time, in regards how you are performing (similar to face to face communications today with an expert person) and the expert never has to see a your movement or objects movement – This is what Rick Baker/MYCOACHBUDDY 2007 patented technology achieves.

MYCOACHBUDDY revolutionary interactive video system to be offered to programmers during 2020 for the development of potentially 100’s of applications that can be shown via smart TV, smart phone, on any screen working via all major computer platforms.

U.S.A Patent Pending Application
UK Issued Patent
Canadian Issued Patent