Development Platforms

MYCOACHBUDDY Development Section Coming Soon, whereby you will be able to make and sell for profit under license from MYCOACHBUDDY the best personalised audio-visual advice or coaching presentations.

Using MEMs motion sensors to capture a movement you can show on any screen a persons or objects movement against a preferred movement and stream audio comments to assist or instruct a person, similar to face to face communications today – all in near real-time using our technology.

Games OS

1. Nintendo OS
2. XBox OS
3. Playstation OS
4. Xiaomi

Mobile Phone Apps

1. iOS
2. Andriod
3. Windows phone

Live Streaming Services

1. 5G Wireless technology

Support ForumDevelopment Products

1. IMU’s
(a) ST – wireless multi sensor development kit
2. E-Textile
(a) Smart clothing
3. IMU Equipment – sports, rehabilitation etc
(a) Smart Dumbbells
(b) Smart Hopp
4. Glasses – wearable computer with a transparent display
(a) Google glasses